How to Download Torrent File with IDM Directly Free?

Those out of you, who regularly use Internet to download their favorite stuff, must be familiar with the term ‘torrent’. Those who are not; Torrent is a large system in which one person get the content from others who are already done with the downloading process. This system is so large that you can find almost every file; either its game, song, movie, software or any other stuff.

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To download anything from Torrent, you need to have a special client. Seriously, I don’t like to use the torrent client. Instead, I like to use IDM. You might me wondering that why do I do so? Check out the reasons below.


Why to use IDM to Download Torrent Files ?

  • First and foremost, the speed matters. When you download torrent with any client, then there are many factors that come into play, and they decide the speed that you get. This speed is always very low than what your Internet can provides you. Well, no such problem with IDM.
  • IDM is known as the best downloading manager. It speed up the process.
  • If you are using your computer in school, office etc., then chances are high that might be blocked there. So in that case, you can use IDM to download Torrent directly.

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How to Download Torrent File with IDM Directly

  • First of all, you need to have direct link of your torrent file. For this, you can use the service named zbigz.
  • Go to and create your account there. You can go for either free or paid account.
  • Once you have your free (or paid) account on zbigz, you are ready to use the service.
  • You need to tell the zbigz about the torrent file that you wish to get. There are two ways to do so. One is that you upload the file to the system. Other is providing the link in the Go for any out of these two methods.
  • Once you tell about the file you wish to download, a pop-up will come up on the screen. It asks you choose the account type to download the torrent. Click on ‘Free’ to proceed ahead.
  • The next work is of Their system will download the file and then after, you will be provided the option to get it directly.
  • Soon it will be available which is no longer on torrent, but its on zbigz’s server. You can get this just like any regular one.
  • If the IDM is your default manager, then the downloading  will get started with IDM itself. Otherwise, you can copy the link, and can then paste it in the IDM.
  • Since now your torrent file is getting downloaded directly with IDM, you no longer need to face slow speeds. Leechers, seeds etc. do not matter for you.

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So, next time when you want to enjoy torrent, download it with IDM directly. Forget about the clients. They are for losers. We are not so. Right?